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22 Run Applesauce - Pagan returning to Mets soon, another Niekro knuckleball, and why so many injuries

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Johnny Cueto has an ERA of 121.50 for my fantasy team this week after he got shelled by Philadelphia last night. The Mets have scored 22 runs in their last 7 games. 

Meet the Mets

Jenrry Mejia has been placed on the disabled list with a strained right finger. He will be eligible to return as early as Saturday.

The New York Times spotlights the rise of injuries in Major League Baseball. Teams paid $500 million to players on the disabled list last season.

Angel Pagan got in some game action yesterday and the Mets are hoping he returns soon.

Ted Berg no longer sees a half full/empty glass. It's just plain empty.

The folks at the Philadelphia Inquirer feel bad for us. Thanks.

Around the NL East

Philadelphia scored 22 runs against the Reds. And they won. It was the biggest deficit in Red history.

The Phillies are going to scout out Pedro Martinez.

The Nationals lost a 1-0 game in Colorado.

Florida was dropped by San Francisco. Hanley Ramirez did not play.

The Cubs beat Jair Jurrjens and the Braves in Jurrjens' Wrigley debut 4-2.

Injured Atlanta pitcher Tim Hudson threw 20-25 pitches against his Brave teammates.

Around MLB

The Cubs may have a buyer for $900 million.

The Cubs have traded Ryan Freel to the Royals.

Former first baseman Lance Niekro is trying to make a comeback in the mold of his father and uncle: as a knuckleballer.

Randy Johnson has been put on the DL with shoulder problems.

John Smoltz and the Red Sox lost 6-0 to Oakland behind Brett Anderson's complete game shutout.

Ken Rosenthal says the Blue Jays may be ready to trade Roy Halladay.

Jarrod Washburn threw a one-hitter against Baltimore.