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There's Always Next Year Applesauce - Mets without Reyes and Beltran, Niese's fastball, Victorino's All Star campaign

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I feel like I've been one of the more optimistic Met fans/bloggers out there, but it's time to get real. With the bad news surrounding Reyes and Beltran, the Mets and Omar need to sell relatively high with some of their veteran pieces and hope that no one will walk under any ladders, break any mirrors, or skin any black cats next year. I've been hesitant to do this after so many teams have had extraordinary runs, but those have to be the outliers. Play the odds. This team is not going anywhere this year.

Meet the Mets

So, the injury news out of Met camp is not good. Looks like Reyes and Beltran are a long way away still. Also, Flushing University reports that Johan has received a cortisone shot.

Everyone's talking about the possibility of bringing up Jon Niese into the starting rotation, but Metsmerized says to look again at Nelson Figueroa. Toby Hyde also does a great job dismissing the argument that Niese's fastball is too straight.

If you are in a self-deprecating mood today and/or have an unbreakable monitor, then I present to you ESPN's Not Top Plays New York Met edition.

David Wright says the Mets stink right now.

Argenis Reyes was demoted back to the minors to make room for Oliver Perez.

Around the NL East

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jim Salisbury writes the dumbest column, most obvious column I've seen in a while. Granted I've stopped reading most of the New York tabloid columns, so my sample size is pretty small.

The Phillies did not score 22 runs and they did not win either, losing to the Reds 4-3.

Shane Victorino is campaigning to make the All-Star team. Phillies Nation says it's his intangibles that make him worthy. It's all your fault he has to even campaign.

Barry Zito shut down the Marlins, leading the Giants to a 3-0 victory.

Remember Scott Williamson? The Marlins do.

The Nationals fell to the Rockies 5-4. The Mets Not Top Plays is bad, I can't imagine what the Nationals edition would look like. Alan Embree further proved that the win statistic is worthless, as he "won" the game without throwing a single pitch.

Washington is NOT trading Adam Dunn.

Javier Vazquez continues to be awesome and the Braves beat the Cubs. The victory came without Chipper Jones who is dealing with yet another injury.

Around MLB

Carlos Gomez made an amazing catch in yesterday's Twin-Yankee game, robbing Alex Rodriguez of a grand slam.

Keith Olbermann pipes in more outrage over Manny Ramirez.

Albert Pujols is better than Ryan Howard.

Should Red shortstop Paul Janish move to the mound?

I give you a treatise on the All-American quality of grit.

Rob Neyer dismisses the recent Times article on injuries.

Tony LaRussa is no longer suing Twitter. In other lawsuit news, the fan who was kicked out of Yankee Stadium for going to the bathroom during "God Bless America" has settled his case.

Newly acquired Cardinal Mark DeRosa has an injured wrist.

Ryan Dempster may miss up to a month after injuring himself in a walkoff celebration.

The 5 living presidents will make a video appearance at this year's All Star Game. Remind me to set my TiVo.

Stolen bases are up 11% from last year.

Wallace Matthews adds to the Jeter aura while also managing to dis the Mets.