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Ollie's Comeback Start In Brief

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With a nod to Sergio Leone and Lookout Landing.

The Good

Ollie's fastball averaged 90.7 mph and topped out at 92.8.  On the season, his average fastball had been 89.2, and was 88.4 in his last start in May before being DL'd.  His release point was consistent and he got Manny Ramirez out 3 times.

The Bad

108 pitches, 55 strikes, 53 balls.  He walked 7 and surrendered 4 hits in 5 innings of work, a recipe for disaster most of the time.  He was quite lucky to give up just 2 runs.  Also, he registered just 4 swinging strikes.  This is not the way to start a game:



(By the way, Brooks requested linking to a Sons of Sam Horn online auction to benefit ALS, a worthy cause)

The Ugly


(Not pictured: Ollie's filthy David Beckham faux-hawk)