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Outer Banks Applesauce - Perfect Wagner, Giles talks sense to Mets, Nationals are hot

Ah, one more vacation before I plunge into first year law books. For now, I have plenty of time to wake up early and link to articles for everyone. Hope you enjoyed the near sweep by the Padres.

Meet the Mets

Billy Wagner has not allowed a run yet in his minor league rehabilitation. The Mets are still reportedly trying to deal him.

Hardball Times explains why Bobby Parnell is not a starting pitcher.

It's kind of scary when Brian Giles is making more sense than the Mets; he urges Carlos Beltran to just take a break for this season.

The Mets ended their 8 game losing streak in San Diego yesterday. Petco = Turner Field West.

The Angel Berroa era has ended. The Jason Dubois era has just begun.

Matt Cerrone insists that it's obvious that the Mets need another ace to complement Johan

Around the NL East

Florida swept Philadelphia, making things a little interesting in the division. Shane Victorino caused a little controversy yesterday, running in from centerfield to participate in a fight.

BtB argues that Raul Ibanez's production this year has strongly been affected by Citizens Bank Park.

Don't look now, but the Nationals have won 8 straight.

Washington shortstop Christian Guzman was claimed by the Red Sox off waivers. Pitcher Justin Zimmermann is going to see Dr. Andrews.

Around MLB

Baseball Prospectus provides a primer on the confusing waiver wire system

Roberto Alomar wants to work for the Blue Jay organization.

In a story that I don't know if I want to highlight, Josh Hamilton fell off the wagon in January.

BtB counters Buster Olney's argument that the rich teams are dominating.

Albert Pujols has 100 RBI.

David Weather to Milwaukee. Hideki Irabu to Japan.

Sabremetrician proves that baseball does not exist.