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I Stayed Up Late For This: Diamondbacks 7, Mets 4

Tonight's recap, courtesy of Amazin' Avenue member future:

Mike Pelfrey was not sharp, but there was some epically bad defense that didn't end up on the boxscore. It seems like that happens to the Mets often.

After falling behind 4-0, the Mets cobbled together two runs in the top of the 4th. Luis Castillo led off with a walk, and David Wright finally broke out of his hitless streak with a sharp single to deep left. Castillo didn't go to third on the play, showing he still favors his injured ankle, or that he just doesn't give a crap anymore. With runners on first and second, Jeff Franceour pieced together a very nice at-bat, until the end. On a 3-2 count he went fishing on a low pitch far outside the strike zone and flied out to left. Surprising everyone, including himself, Fernando Tatis discovered he could not GIDP if he hit a blast off the center field wall. Wright read the play perfectly and raced home right behind Castillo as Tatis hustled into third for a triple.

That was sadly the closest the Mets got for the rest of the game. Daniel Murphy continues to look like he was rushed to the major leagues and looked completely overmatched against Doug Davis. Unable to even make contact, he struck out when the Mets desperately needed him to plate a run with a flyball.

Defying Mets logic, Mike Pelfrey hurled a quick 1-2-3 inning in the bottom of the fourth and it seemed like the Mets might be seizing momentum, but the Mets went down quickly in the 5th after yet another lead-off walk issued by Davis.

Most of the rest of the game was boring for the Mets fan, but the top of the ninth saw the Mets mount a mini-rally, cutting the lead to three runs against Chad Qualls. But Castillo struck out swinging with the tying run standing in the on-deck circle.

Anderson Hernandez was the lone bright spot for the Mets. IPOR went IPNO and IPR on us, going 2-for-3 with a double, RBI and run scored. Hats off to him.

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Win Probability Added

Big winners: Fernando Tatis, +10.0% WPA, Anderson Hernandez, +6.4% WPA
Big losers: Mike Pelfrey, -22.4% WPA, Jeff Francoeur, -10.5% WPA
Teh aw3s0mest play: Tatis two-run triple in fourth, +16.0% WPA
Teh sux0rest play: Davis two-run double in second, -16.2% WPA
Total pitcher WPA: -26.2% WPA
Total batter WPA: -23.8% WPA
GWRBI!: Chad Tracy

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7 Prince 14
8 Mex_17 13
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10 Chickendirt 11