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Going through the Motions Applesauce - Ricco could replace Minaya, Utility players, Pedro, Mets miss on Rios

One of the problems with the beach is a total lack of desire to watch this team when I could just sit around and enjoy myself instead. Why do I want to suffer any more when I can relax in a hot tub? Still, there are plenty of news stories and notes that have attracted my attention from last night, so here goes.

Meet the Mets

I couldn't help read the Daily News recap and feel like the Mets, including the manager, are just going through the motions. Talking to all the players privately, like it's too much effort to throw a buffet table over (not that that ever accomplishes anything, but still).

Adam Rubin also reports that Assistant GM John Ricco could replace Omar in any possible shakeup.

To complete this disastrous season, the Mets are now slashing ticket prices on their remaining home games.

Metsradamus summarizes the Met organizational philosophy: build a team of utility players. Which, as it happens, is something the Mets actually need.

Jason Fry compiles a pretty decent preview of what the Mets need to accomplish this offseason.

Around the NL East

Pedro will get his Philadelphia debut tomorrow vs. the Cubs. The Phillies have been in a minor tailspin of late and have seen their lead in the NL East drop to 3.5 games over the Marlins.

Florida moved closer with a win over the Astros last night. The Marlins were helped along by Astro manager Cecil Cooper who ordered an intentional walk of Nick Johnson to get a righty-righty matchup... against Hanley Ramirez. 

The Phillies have shut down JC Romero with tendinitis.

Take a look at the pitch that Shane Victorino ran all the way in from center field to fight.

In a disappointing turn of events (the kid is talented, even though he's on an opposing team), Nats pitcher Jordan Zimmermann will miss 18 months with Tommy John surgery.

The Nats are sticking with Christian Guzman.

Josh Johnson is good.

Around MLB

The Oakland Athletics have cut Jason Giambi.

Chicago White Sox GM was busy yesterday, picking up Alex Rios off waivers from Toronto and getting a jaywalking ticket in Seattle.

The Hardball Times presents a primer on what replacement level means.

Troy Tulowitzki hit for the cycle and drove in seven in Colorado's 11-5 win over the Cubs.