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Happy Birthday Emily Applesauce - Wagner close to return with Mets, Delgado not, Mejia returns, interest in Sheffield

Happy belated birthday to my beautiful, wonderful new bride! And the Mets won. Hooray! What a day. And it rained at the beach and is looking like more rain. Yeah for the internet to keep me busy inside.

Meet the Mets

Somehow, Billy Wagner will probably be the first of the Met formerly marquis players to return from major injuries. Particularly since Carlos Delgado managed to injure himself during his rehab assignment. If and when Delgado resumes his Major League career, he is projected to be a Type-B free agent.

Met pitching prospect Jenrry Mejia returned to action from the disabled list, giving up three runs in the first and picking up the loss for double-A Binghamton. Ike Davis returned after missing three days and collected two hits.

The Mets announced the construction of the new Angel Berroa rotunda.

New York is projected to spend $1.78 million per win this season.

Two AL teams are interested in Gary Sheffield. That made too much sense and the Mets seem to have ended negotiations.

Mets Merized argues for Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg instead of Bobby Valentine.

The 2010 catching situation looks incredibly bleak.

Mets Geek does not judge Omar's 2007's draft a success.

Around the NL East

The Phillies got an Oliver Perez-like performance from Pedro in his debut (although, unlike Perez, Martinez won). BtB takes a look at the Pitch f/x from the game.

Mike Silva presents Shane Victorino getting showered with beer by a fan. Thank you.

Philly prospect Michael Taylor hit for the cycle.

Florida fell down 5-0 quickly to the Astros thanks to Ricky Nolasco and lost to Houston 14-6.

The Marlins are among the teams interested in newly released John Smoltz. Speaking of old pitchers and the Marlins, Florida just signed former reliever Estaban Yan

Washington has returned slightly to old form, giving up four home runs to Atlanta and losing 6-2.

Still no progress on Stephen Strasburg talks.

Around MLB

Joe Posnanski ranks the worst contracts in baseball. Lots of JP Ricciardi work on there.

Milwaukee DFA'd Bill Hall and fired their pitching coach.

How should a team look at Aaron Harang who just cleared waivers?