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While You Were Out: Amazin' Avenue Week In Review (8/9-8/15)

A week's worth of Amazin' Avenue posts, which aren't as entertaining as District 9 (but it's close).

  • Is Francoeur The Cure For The Punchless Mets? - mnbv uses Base Runs to analyze some guy named Jeff Francoeur.  We should post about him more often.
  • False Hustle - Sam addresses Omar Minaya's "paperwork" comments and reiterates that it's time for a change in the front office.
  • Final Thoughts On Close-Mindedness - One of my favorite posts of the season, not so much for the post itself, but for the great comments.  I can't remember seeing so many green (rec'd) comments on one thread.  Read through it again if you have time - it is a fine example of the intelligent readers/commenters at AA.  Keep up the fact-based discourse about the Mets.  The fans and talk radio oriented Mets blogosphere need it.
  • A Tour Around SB Nation - This semi-regular feature showed up this week, providing links to the best of SB Nation.
  • Figgins And DeRosa And Sherman, Oh My! - Eric looks at Joel Sherman's early suggestions to improve the Mets this offseason.  Sherman made some good points for a change, earning some goodwill.  I then read this piece in Sunday's Post and all goodwill evaporated.
  • Twitter / Kevin Burkhardt On Francoeur - Kevin should probably stick to what he knows best - sideline interviews and calling game action during those sideline interviews.
  • Ruben Tejada Profile - METSMETSMETS looks at the 19 year-old middle infielder, ultimately classifying him as a B- prospect.
  • The Most Glorious Moment Of The Season - What brand of beer was dumped on Dick Torino?
  • Free Agent Compensation - Mark goes all FanPost in this FanShot (flagged - read the Community Guidelines), telling us about Mets who have a shot at being free agents this offseason and their rankings.
  • Jeff Francoeur's "Change Of Scenery": Improvement Or Hot Streak? - Sam gives in and finally writes about Francoeur.  It's about freakin' time.  Seriously though, this is post is terrific.  Hit Tracker, UZR, .gifs, pictures, Netscape, - it's all here.
  • Bobby Parnell's Day On - squid92 utilizes PitchF/X to give us some insight on Parns's foray into the rotation.