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A Simple Request

Don't allow Carlos Beltran or David Wright to play any more baseball this year. Will Carroll wrote that Beltran could miss all of 2010 recovering from microfracture surgery. What many people didn't realize is that Carroll meant he would miss 2010 IF he played on his bad knee this season, while it still hasn't completely healed. Some people replied to that particular "Under The Knife" article by pointing out Brian Giles' successful recovery after the 2007 season and subsequent career-year in 2008. I tended to agree with that challenge, but that's totally beside the point, because there is literally 0 reason to even risk it. The Mets playoff odds (first time I've checked in a few months) are .189%, if anyone is interested. The knee specialist and Brian Giles himself have both advised Beltran to rest. With every report he is working out on it I get angrier with the total mismanagement of this team.

Mets fans know what a rushed concussion looks like, too. Seriously, let's see a Ike Davis/Daniel Murphy/Nick Evans corner infield rotation. It gives the Mets a look at the future and prevents another embarrassing mismanaged injury.

P.S. Livan Hernandez is still in our starting rotation. You might want to look into that.