BA Lists Mets Among Signing Day Losers


This is a little over the top, but I wish we hadn't lost those 5th and 6th rounders, a couple of hard-throwing arms. (Eric's note: This is the Mets at their feckless best. Forfeiting top draft picks because you signed an overrated relief pitcher is one thing (and bad enough), but letting two of your highest draft picks walk because you won't pony up an extra few hundred thousand dollars -- and risk upsetting Alan Selig and his omnipotent sinecure atop MLB -- is simply embarrassing. The Mets are paying Cory Sullivan $600k this year; Tim Redding is making $2.25m; Alex Cora is making $2 million. You'll forgive me if I don't fall all over myself congratulating them for paying one player $400k over slot when half of that would have nabbed two other players. Typical Mets BS.)