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8 Run Applesauce - Braves answer with own 8 spot, Wagner on waivers, Putz returning, K-Rod's ridiculous option, Nats make GM choice

So much for the one player that I was looking forward to watching this season. Can the September callups happen yet so that at least Nick Evans can get some TV time? 

Meet the Mets

Can you imagine what this team would be like if it had a bullpen of Billy Wagner, JJ Putz, and Francisco Rodriguez? How awesome would that be? Man, I yearn for those offseason days long ago when I dreamt of that. So innocent. If it does happen, it would probably be quick because the Mets put Wagner on waivers.

Francisco Rodriguez's fourth year option is performance based and it's ridiculous. He very easily could earn $17.5 million in his fourth year.

Nick Evans is playing himself into a September callup and Josh Thole made a start at first base.

Go to a Mets game for as little as $3.

The Mets' 3 nominees for the Hank Aaron award (the best offensive player award): David Wright, Angel Pagan, and Luis Castillo. Enough said.

Around the NL East

Cliff Lee is making me feel like a schlub for getting stuck with Johan Santana for $20 million.

The Nationals flaunt internet rumors and make Mike Rizzo their full time GM. The team celebrated by losing 5-4 to the Colorado Rockies.

The Marlins notched 10 hits again, but this time lost to the Houston Astros 6-3. Florida is now 5.5 games behind Philadelphia.

Rehabbing Atlanta starter Tim Hudson may face off against Jake Peavy down in triple-A.

Around MLB

Newly acquired John Smoltz will most likely make his Cardinal debut this weekend.

The Dodgers lost to Albert Pujols last night, dropping their NL West lead down to 3.5 games.

Seattle made a move to acquire demoted Brewer infielder Bill Hall.

Dave Cameron says that Joe Mauer could be having the greatest season ever for a catcher.