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Wagner Applesauce - Sheffield gives Mets headache, Wagner dominant, Livan gone, abolish the draft

That was pretty cool. Enter Sandman and everything. What a useless luxury for a crappy team, two outstanding lefties out of the bullpen. Big picture, Joe, big picture. Maybe our next competent GM will be able to do something with these pieces.

Meet the Mets

Some roster drama yesterday for New York. Prior to last night's game, Gary Sheffield asked the Mets for an extension. Upon the Mets turning down that tempting offer, Sheffield pulled himself from the lineup and reportedly requested to be cut or to be traded to Florida. After all was said and done, Sheffield pinch hit and struck out last night, but was unavailable to reporters following the game.

The Mets have apparently been interested in dealing Sheffield, but have asked for top talent in any deal.

In case you didn't hear, Billy Wagner made his 2009 debut last night and was impressively dominant.The Mets finally cut ties with Livan Hernandez in order to make roster room for Wagner.

What to do with Wagner is another source of potential roster angst. Hot Foot compiles a list of teams that make some sense, if the Mets made a deal. But, Hot Foot also realizes that it could be a good gamble to keep Wagner this year as an audition for his free agency and possibly acquire some draft picks for offering arbitration.

It's unanimous, the Met 2009 draft sucked.

The Mets finally retaliate for David Wright's beaning

Around the NL East

Cliff Lee continues to be awesome, just like the Phillies. I can't believe I toyed with the idea at the beginning of the season that the Mets were even in the same class of organization as Philadelphia.

The Phillies got more good news with Brett Myers striking out the side in his first rehab appearance.

Josh Johnson was not his usual awesome self and the Marlins fell to the Astros 4-1.

Anibal Sanchez has returned to Florida after injury. But, Nick Johnson has continued to be hurt.

Hunter Wendelstadt apparently changed his mind on a swinging strike/foul tip call, bringing Garrett Mock back from nearly the dugout steps and consequently allowing an RBI hit by Carlos Gonzalez, the turning point in the Nationals' 4-1 loss to the Rockies.

The body of an illegal immigrant was found on an unused portion of Chipper Jones' Texas ranch.

Around MLB

Dave Cameron has a convincing reform for the draft: abolish it and have a capped salary auction.

Justin Morneau will see a specialist to deal with his ear infection, which has already cost him three games.