Wagner Claimed by Red Sox

Update 2: Ken Rosenthal confirms, Wagner was claimed by the Red Sox. Tip of the cap to Schmidtxc for finding the link, wag of the finger to Jerry for giving teams a free look at Wagner before he cleared waivers. Update 1: According to Boston's 640 AM WFTL Radio Station, the claiming team was the Red Sox. Original Post: I bet this threw some people for a loop. Now the decision is in a way more difficult for the Mets. They could give Wagner away and save about $4 mil (He's due $2.7 mil this year plus a $1 mil buyout for next year) or they could pay that money and try to collect their draft picks in the offseason. Both the Rays and Marlins expressed interest in Wagner, though the Cubs also have a closer vacancy and seem to be higher up on the waiver order than either, and also seem more likely to be willing to spend the money.