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Crippled Applesauce - Santana to miss start, Francoeur torn thumb, Wagner vetoes trade

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So, I asked what would be the weirdest thing that could happen in yesterday's game and I didn't expect a dropped Chase Utley pop-up resulting in a trip around the bases. The Mets lost badly, but I still took some pleasure in that. By the way, I thought Ryan Howard hit a pop-up in the first inning. He is strong.

Meet the Mets

Remember there was a time at the beginning of the season where it looked like Johan Santana was going to miss significant time with injury? Fast forward to now, a time where almost every Met starter in the Opening day lineup is out and Johan (along with Rodriguez, Castillo, and Schneider) has been one of the only guys who had been able to avoid getting hurt. Well, it's down to three now. Santana has been scratched from tonight's start and may have surgery on his elbow.

Content with his season .299 OBP, Jeff Francoeur went out and tore his thumb ligament so that he can rest on his laurels. He is day to day.

Billy Wagner has exercised his no-trade clause and vetoed a trade to Boston. He had asked the Red Sox to decline arbitration so that he would be more valuable on the free agent market.

Metsradamus compares the 2009 season to a horror film.

Around the NL East

Eric Bruntlett will have his jersey in the Hall of Fame after Sunday's unassisted triple play. Eric Bruntlett.

The Nationals lost 7-1 to the Brewers after a catastrophic 6th inning.

Washington's ownership and management are demonstarting an incredible level of openness and accommodation towards the team's fan bloggers. In their defense, the Mets wind up buying and paying the salary of their bloggers.

Nick Johnson's injury is creating a little roster headache for Florida, leaving them a man short on the bench. 

Around MLB

Maybe I was too quick to rule the Peavy trade a "snake-eyes". Chicago is saying he could pitch Saturday for the White Sox.

Jered Weaver gets knocked around on Nick Adenhart's birthday.

Ryan Spilborghs hit a walkoff 14th inning grand slam with the Rockies down 4-1. It's starting to look like 2007 again.

Adrian Beltre is still unsure whether he will be wearing a cup in the future, even after he has a swollen right testicle.

Mike Hampton's hitting has been worth .5 WAR alone.