Bye Bye, Billy

He signed on to be this team's final piece

And lift Mets from October-free stupor

Hooray! for a closer with late expertise

Far greater than, say, Braden Looper

And Wagner immediately shut door on games

So seldom did he have a hiccup

That for 2006 Mets, who had title-based aims

Billy Wagner seemed like quite the pickup

But in NLCS, the Cards came to town

And powered by, yes, So Taguchi

Relegated the sizably-favored Mets down

To the National League's Susan Lucci

It seemed next year's Metsies would soon make amends

"Your season has come!" the ads gushed

But with seventeen left, the Mets got the bends

Injured Billy watched Mota get crushed

In 2008, Billy got hurt again

Leaving no one to close late that year

So time and again, the Mets led! But then-

Opponents were cars; Mets were deer

In 2009, as rehab Mets' list grew

Billy continued to battle

And no one has healed (I think Mets should sue)

But Wagner got back in the saddle

So now he rides off, to Boston he'll race

The Red Sox paid salary hefty

For Wagner to promise that he'll know his place

An expensive situational lefty

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