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White Flag Applesauce - Santana out for season, Wagner to Boston, DH to Mets, Livan to DC, Putz done

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I can't say I'm actually unhappy with Santana being put on the DL. At this point, why are we wasting him and putting him out there to suffer an even worse injury? But, seriously, this needed to be examined significantly earlier. There is absolutely no reason that he should have been pitching in pain for all this time. And, finally, the Wagner reunion tour was certainly fun while it lasted.

Meet the Mets

What a busy, crappy, bittersweet day in Metsland. I get to choose between two big stories, so I'm going with the Mets best pitcher one. Johan Santana will undergo elbow surgery, miss the rest of the season, but will likely be back by Spring Training 2010. This course of events brought a lot of internet second-guessing as to the Mets injury management system. Rob NeyerKen RosenthalUmpbump. The system really makes sense, however, when you see the Mets' decision making flow chart.

While the verdict of the Johan Santana contract at the time was resounding applause, Fangraphs reminds us that the deal is looking awfully shaky from here on out.

In the second major news story of the day, the Mets, who would not have offered arbitration, sent Billy Wagner to Boston after the reliever waived his no-trade clause. The Mets will receive two players to be named later with one of those names being circulated now: Chris Carter, a 27 year old triple-A DH.

Wallace Matthews did not appreciate Wagner at all. Dave Cameron says the Red Sox got the best of both worlds

JJ Putz, thought to be close to a return, is out for the season.

For some reason, David Wright is looking to return from the DL on Monday

With all this free roster space now Nick Evans doesn't have to wait until September to be in the big leagues again. has a great look back at this trying season. I completely forgot about the Darren O'Day debacle. Ugh.

Matthew Artus spends some time he will never get back looking for the act that has cursed the Mets.

Around the NL East

Mr. National Livan Hernandez has returned to Washington. The Nationals celebrated the coup by beating the Cubs 15-6.

Brad Lidge blew his ninth save of the year as the Pirates shocked the Phillies.

The Phillies weren't the only contenders losing to crappy teams: The Braves fell to David Eckstein in the 12th inning before 4,000 fans.

Atlanta welcomed back Martin Prado and Garret Anderson

Around MLB

Zack Greinke set a Royals team record with 15 strikeouts yesterday against the Indians.

BtB gives a tutorial on how to make your own pitch f/x database.

The Rockies are now just two games behind the Dodgers after beating LA in the 10th.