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Repetitive Applesauce - Ollie done for year, Ike homers, Murton released, Livan served

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Pardon me for being repetitive, but I feel like EVERY SINGLE APPLESAUCE for the past three months has involved some major form of injury. Or trades that are getting increasingly one-sided. I kind of want to report some good news, but at the same time some of this stuff is just amazingly entertaining (from a masochism standpoint). Seriously though, the injury thing has been played out, we need Omar to open his mouth again, or for Tony Bernazard to write a book or something.

Meet the Mets

Although, at this point, the Mets you are meeting are barely recognizable. Mike Pelfrey is the ace of the staff, followed by Tim Redding, Pat Misch, Bobby Parnell, and Nelson Figueroa. That has got to be the most depressing sight I've seen since looking at last night's lineup. The real question, however, is whether this rotation is improved without Oliver Perez.

In case you weren't depressed enough, here's the New York Times' Ben Shpigel piling on Omar and the organization. Also, here's Jason Fry saying we're going to be in the tunnel for a long time before seeing some light.

FYI, the Post is estimating that the Mets have $88 million worth of salary on the disabled list at this point. Not surprisingly, this makes the Billy Wagner trade look even more like a salary dump.

If you want some news to bring you back from the edge, Ike Davis did hit his 11th home run of the season.

Around the NL East

Ryan Howard broke out of his PNC Park slump with a 10th inning home run that led the Phillies past the Pirates. The game was sent to extra innings by yet another blown save by the Philadelphia bullpen, this one by Ryan Madson.

Kenshin Kawakami and the Braves were cruising through five innings until the Padres launched a six-run sixth inning, propelling San Diego past Atlanta, 12-5.

Nick Johnson has finally been put on the DL. That will not help the Mets today. reports that Hanley Ramirez was the 1,000th Marlin batter to be hit by a pitch. Well done Figgy. Also, nice idea for a site.

Livan Hernandez had a good start after getting served in a civil suit regarding a June car accident. Hernandez went 6 innings giving up 2 runs. The Cubs still crushed Jorge Sosa and the National bullpen to a 9-4 victory.

Around MLB

The Dodgers stave off talks of collapse with the help of Andre Ethier's two home runs against the Rockies.

Speaking of Colorado, the Rockies have DFA'd constantly underrated outfielder Matt Murton.

The Baseball Analysts evaluate the history of relievers coming back from Tommy John surgery and what that means for Billy Wagner.

Jake Peavy threw 10 pitches in a side session before complaining of lingering pain. His start this weekend against the Yankees is in jeopardy.

Driveline Mechanics discovers that Jamey Carroll is awesome.

The Blue Jay-Ray game last night knocked out two home plate umpires. That is impressive.