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Stalled Applesauce - Yanks keep Carter from Mets, centuple plays, Tim Hudson returns, Nyjer done

I asked for something different yesterday and the Mets delivered a win. And, as far as I know at this point, no one was injured. Wow. 

Meet the Mets

The Mets' acquisition of Red Sox prospect Chris Carter has been stalled by the Yankees putting a claim on him. The move is intended to keep Carter on Boston's 40 man roster and to rob Carter of his chance to make an impact in the bigs

Don't hate on Chris Carter yet, the typical Met bench players earns significantly more and can't hit nearly as well.

Mike Silva suggests the Mets go after AJ Pierzynski, a good idea, but for all the wrong reasons.

Jayson Stark reports that some scouts think that Francisco Rodriguez is the next Met to go down with injuries.

In other ESPN-reported news, Buster Olney lists seven candidates for the Mets GM position. Don't get your hopes up on any of these impossible ideas.

The Mets have ended their season with an incredibly rare centuple play.

Around the NL East

The Nationals are better than the Mets at this point, even without Nyjer Morgan. There is no way the Mets will take two out of three from the Cubs.

JA Happ was good, but not good enough to beat the Pirates.

Atlanta finally beat the Padres after two failed tries.

Tim Hudson will finally make his return to the Braves on Monday.

Hanley Ramirez gave a wedgie to the Marlins team president. I guess when you're that good you can do anything you want.

Around MLB

Boston made roster room for Billy Wagner by cutting Brad Penny, a second consecutive strange move by the Boston front office.

The "Chief" Chad Cordero is trying to make a comeback in short season single-A.

Brewer closer Trevor Hoffman was claimed on waivers.

Do you remember Marco Scutaro? Chalk him up as another one who got away.