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The Diamondbacks' Aerial Assault

If the Mets are to lose, I'd prefer it be in the fashion of this weekend's series against the Diamondbacks - death by tape measure home run.  The D-Backs mashed 7 home runs and 6 of them traveled 400+ feet.  Mark Reynolds accounted for most of the damage, hitting 4 all by himself including the new longest home run in Citi Field history off Brian Stokes Saturday night (graphic courtesy of Hit Tracker):


That's a 464 foot shot hit off a 95 mph fastball.  Together with Miguel Montero and Justin Upton, the D-Backs have hit 6 of the 29 longest home runs in the new stadium's history.  Here are the top 10 longest home runs at Citi, once again according to Hit Tracker:

Rank Date Player Pitcher Distance (feet)
1 8/1 Mark Reynolds Brian Stokes 464
2 4/16 Carlos Delgado Jake Peavy 456
3 5/27 Adam Dunn Johan Santana 455
4 7/27 Troy Tulowitzki Oliver Perez 445
5 6/20 Carlos Pena Johan Santana 444
6 8/3 Mark Reynolds Nelson Figueroa 442
7 5/8 Carlos Delgado Sean Burnett 442
8 8/3 Mark Reynolds Nelson Figueroa 441
9 4/26 Austin Kearns Oliver Perez 435
10 5/13 Fernando Tatis Buddy Carlyle 433
(tie) 5/7 David Wright Jamie Moyer 433

Some other Citi Field home run facts:

  • The greatest speed off the bat belongs to Dunn at 113.1 mph.  Delgado is a close 2nd at 112.9 mph.
  • Johan Santana has surrendered the most home runs of any pitcher, with 8.
  • The Phillies' 9 home runs are the most of any visiting team.
  • Home runs per game by Month: April - 1.58, May - 1.36, June - 1.85, July - 1.45, August - 2.67
  • The shortest home run belongs to none other than Chase Utley, at 351 feet.