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My Video Game Is Smarter Than The Mets' Front Office

Yesterday I was playing the game Out of the Park Baseball, a hyper-realistic baseball simulator, as the San Diego Padres. This particular franchise began with a fantasy draft, a draft of all players in baseball; and to prove how realistic this game is, it took ~250 rounds. (I was the Padres because I wanted to make the perfect "PETCO team.") The roster pack I was using had very accurate "ratings" on nearly every major and minor leaguer, including some players who had been retired for years. So after a year of play, the computer had shuffled all the players in baseball to all the levels they should be based on talent. Knowing that, during my first offseason, I began looking-up players who have played either for the Mets or the Bisons this year. The results are extremely funny, yet depressing.

  • Livan Hernandez: Ace of the single-A Quad City River Bandits (Cardinals). Strikeouts left something to be desired.
  • Oliver Perez: Mariner's fifth starter.
  • Fernando Nieve: AAA
  • Tim Redding: AAA
  • Elmer Dessens: retired after a somewhat productive season in AA
  • Casey Fossum: A
  • Pat Misch: bounced between AA and AAA
  • Jon Switzer: Rookie League
  • Marlon Anderson: AAA
  • Angel Berroa: A
  • Omir Santos: AA
  • Alex Cora: AA
  • Jeff Francoeur: AAA Omaha Royals (perfect)
  • Nick Evans: Starting LFer for the A's (hmm)
  • Cory Sullivan: A
  • Wilson Valdez: AA (bench player)

and some bonus Bisons:

  • Javier Castillo: A
  • Jose Coronado: A
  • Bobby Kielty: A
  • Jonathan Malo: A

Something else I noticed going through these names is that many of the regular Bisons who have really sabotaged that team were on the B-Mets last year and didn't really deserve a promotion. Seems like a pretty illogical way to build a AAA team. Of course, with the injuries and all, this post's title is tongue-in-cheek...sort of. It says something when a computer game cannot foresee a situation in which Cory Sullivan should be promoted over Nick Evans.