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Cursed Applesauce - Niese and Sheffield gone, Mets might turn to Parnell, Pedro ready

There goes one of the only potentially interesting storylines this team has left. Is it strange, however, that I'm actually appreciating David Wright a lot more this season (he of the mere 8 home runs)?  I almost want to sit him, just to protect him. To not take him out of his original packaging. At least not for this lousy awful 162 games we call a "season".

Meet the Mets

Another two bite the dust. Jon Niese is out for the season and Gary Sheffield joins him. Niese is going to have season ending surgery on that hamstring. What did we do to deserve such a season? The common explanation is a curse. More here and here as well.

Anthony Djavan Harris calls David Wright's season "pillow soft" because of the lack of home runs and RBIs. 

Could Bobby Parnell replace Jon Niese in the Met rotation? He was pretty strong through 3 innings yesterday.

Jose Reyes has scar tissue behind his knee. He will remain in New York for physical therapy.

Shannon Shark thinks the Mets will hire Bobby Valentine as a distraction. Ooooo....shiny.....

Mike Silva cites James' post, but dismisses WAR.

Around the NL East

JA Happ (still in the rotation) pitched a complete game shutout against the Rockies, allowing only 4 hits. Next up: Cliff Lee in his home debut.

Pedro struck out 11 in 6 innings in what should be his final rehab start. He did give up 4 runs.

The Nationals continue to prove that they're better than the Mets, winning their fourth straight again

Emilio Bonifacio's role has changed since the acquisition of Nick Johnson. Fredi Gonzalez still is using him, however.

Tommy Hanson is good.

Around MLB

What is a SABR convention like?

Big market teams (not the Mets, of course) finally understand the inefficiencies of the market highlighted by Moneyball. Not good, however, for the small market teams.

The Red Sox have signed right handed pitcher Paul Byrd.

Boston continues to be good with a revolving door at shortstop.

Jason Schmidt had a setback in his major league comeback, getting roughed up last night. Still healthy, though.