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Thole Applesauce - Thole promoted to Mets, Santana and Perez surgery, Beltran rehab, Phillies WS lost

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Josh Thole is finally here. That is nice. To be fair, the Mets have a few young guys to be excited about based on their performance this year: Thole and Ike Davis. Davis continues to impress with an OPS of .951 and 13 homers in double-A. The accolades have just begun to start however. I'm waiting for the F! hype machine to start.

Meet the Mets

So much for waiting until September 6th. We get to catch a glimpse of Josh Thole tonight in Colorado. I have a reason to care again.

Carlos Beltran is doing his darndest to get back this year for some reason. He has been cleared to play live games and will rehab with the Brooklyn Cyclones

Johan Santana and Oliver Perez will both undergo surgery today.

Ike Davis has been named to the US World Cup team.

Razor Shines gets caught in his own honesty. Also, this is the worst promotional idea I've seen in a while.

Mets Geek takes a look at closers in Met history.

Around the NL East

Omar Infante's two-run triple led the Braves over their wild-card competition Marlins. Both teams are still likely out of it.

Florida called up Cameron Maybin and optioned Luis Ayala who was not happy about it.

Phillies Nation argues that Jimmy Rollins is having one of the best seasons ever... defensively...

Apparently the Phillies marketing staff got World Series rings for last year. One of them lost their's. It's worth $15,000.

Around MLB

The White Sox are in salary dumping mode. They sent Jim Thome to the Dodgers. And Jose Contreras to the Rockies.

The Dodgers also got Jon Garland.

San Francisco won the Brad Penny sweepstakes and expect him to start against Philadelphia.

Andy Pettite was perfect through the first 20 batters and the Yankess won.

Raging California wildfires have forced Rafael Furcal to evacuate his home.

Trevor Hoffman will stay a Brewer for this year.