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Mike Pelfrey's Worst Nightmare

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(Click to embiggen - Recommended in order to read the blurry years, which are tough to decipher because of Roger Dorn's presence)

Here are the infield UZR figures in numerical form:

Year UZR
2006 7.9
2007 10.6
2008 -7.7
2009 -25.4

Quick interpretation of the data - the Mets' infield defense has ceased to be good and is actually quite terrible.  A far cry from the Ventura-Ordonez-Alfonzo-Olerud days.  It's pretty tough for a groundball pitcher to succeed in such an environment.  The topic of Mike Pelfrey's supposed "regression" is a popular one, and I'm glad that others have recognized his season hasn't been as bad as many would have you think.