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Reyes Applesauce - Reyes joins Met photo, Brooklyn loses, Gooden an exec

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Maybe Pat Misch is not the next Tom Glavine, but he'll still do until they get someone better for the next few weeks. 

Meet the Mets

Jose Reyes made an appearance at Citi Field for a team photograph during which he made some headlines by insisting that he would play if he could.

Gerry Fraley argues that Citi Field is partly responsible for the Mets this year.

Hardball Times puts together a list of top Met prospects. F! still sits atop the list.

Where did Kirk Nieuwenhuis come from? If I thought it was hard to learn how to spell Francoeur, it's going to be a nightmare season if Nieuwenhuis becomes something.

That Brooklyn postsseason run may be very short lived.

We found David Wright's batting helmet.

Fangraphs weighs in on blowing up the Mets.

Doc Gooden has joined the Newark Bear front office. They have let him sign every wall in the stadium.

Around the NL East

Charlie Manuel went with Ryan Madson to close out another victory over Washington.

The Atlanta bullpen squandered another quality start from Tommy Hanson.

Around MLB

Tommy Lasorda was not good for young arms.

Here's a great story about the recovered Cal Ripken, Jr. tribute which was stolen from Camden Yards.

The Cardinals are good even when Matt Holliday isn't.

Congratulations to Derek Jeter, the all-time Yankee hit king. He's still no Ed Kranepool.