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Stoner Applesauce - Tobi makes Met debut, Sheffield returning, streakers, Brooklyn playoffs

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Hey, at least there's some Jet football this weekend...

Meet the Mets

Tobi Stoner made a successful debut in an otherwise atrocious Met game. This is good, actually, a high draft pick that will be protected when they go out and sign some high priced waste of space.

The Queens man who streaked Citi Field wearing nothing but a stuffed monkey has pled guilty and must pay $3,000 as punishment. The guy's boss bet him to do it. Awesome.

Brooklyn's playoff run was a short one.

Gary Sheffield insists that he is coming back for this season. The Met players do appear to be gluttons for punishment.

Jon Heyman got a little hot stove buzz going already when he said the Mets wanted to trade Castillo and repeat last offseason's Orlando Hudson plan.

Doc Gooden will be coaching a pitching academy for the Newark Bears as part of his job. Man. That would be awesome.

Around the NL East

The Phillies rallied, but fell short against the Nationals 8-7.

Phillie "closer" Brad Lidge is working with manager Charlie Manuel to figure out his role for the rest of the year.

Phillies Nation rates their competition's pitching staffs.

Atlanta rocked Astro ace Roy Oswalt to the tune of 10 hits in 2 innings, and providing support for Derek Lowe.

Chipper Jones may want to retire next year if things continue to be mediocre in Atlanta.

Around MLB

The Royals may have lost Brian Bannister for the season.

USA Today picks up on the walk-off celebration controversy.

The Wall Street Journal picks up on a trend: good ball clubs can charge more for a beer.