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2009 Mets Anagrams

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Inspired by this post at Gas Lamp Ball (ed note: "inspired by" is just a nice way of saying "stolen from"), and with a lot of help from the Internet Anagram Server, I managed to kill quite a bit of time this weekend. I plugged all of the 2009 Mets into the old anagram machine and here are the results. Feel free to try it yourself and post any other good ones in the comments.

The front office/Field staff

Omar Minaya I Many Aroma
Fred Wilpon Frowned Lip
Jerry Manuel Jam Leery Urn
Razor Shines Razor Shines
Dan Warthen New Hand Rat

The offense

David Wright Gravid Width
Jose Reyes Jeer Yes, So?
Carlos Beltran Carnal Lobster
Carlos Delgado Cold Ogre Salad
Luis Castillo I Cut A Ill Loss
Jeff Francoeur Fence Jar Of Fur
Angel Pagan A Penal Gang
Gary Sheffield A Fleshy Fridge
Daniel Murphy My Hard Lineup
Omir Santos Satin Rooms
Brian Schneider A Crib Enshrined
Alex Cora Axe Carol
Wilson Valdez Valid Zen Owls
Anderson Hernandez Darned Neon Zen Rash
Jeremy Reed Jeer Remedy
Cory Sullivan All Curvy Ions
Ramon Martinez Immanent Razor
Fernando Tatis Anointed Farts
Josh Thole Oh, He Jolts
Andy Green Deny Range
Nick Evans Can Knives
Emil Brown Limb Owner
Angel Berroa Granola Beer
Fernando Martinez Amazon Rent Finder
Argenis Reyes Enrage? Yes, Sir!
Marlon Anderson Anal Nerd Morons
Robinson Cancel Albino Concerns

The pitchers

Mike Pelfrey Prime Fey Elk
Johan Santana An Ant As A John
Oliver Perez Vizor Peeler
John Maine Oh, Me Ninja
Pedro Feliciano A Periodic Felon
Sean Green Anger Seen
Brian Stokes Rosin Basket
Francisco Rodriguez Accrues Fir Odor? Zing!
J.J. Putz J.J. Putz
Tim Redding Midget Rind
Livan Hernandez Vandal In Her Zen
Pat Misch Shit Camp
Jonathan Niese Hate Ninja Nose
Nelson Figueroa Loafer? No, Genius!
Fernando Nieve Invade One Fern
Elmer Dessens Send Lesser Me
Casey Fossum Fussy Cameos
Jon Switzer Jets Nor Wiz
Lance Broadway Awe Bold Canary
Darren O'Day Dread Rayon
Tobi Stoner Soon Bitter
Ken Takahashi Has Neat Khaki

The departed

Ramon Castro Smart Racoon
Ryan Church Rah, Crunchy
Billy Wagner Blew Angrily

Bonus features

These anagrams just missed the cut but most were too good to leave out.

Carlos Beltran Stellar Carbon
Gary Sheffield Flayed Her Figs
Gary Sheffield Large Iffy Shed
Daniel Murphy Yum Philander
Daniel Murphy Lady Prune Him
Daniel Murphy Inhale Dry Ump
Omir Santos So I Ram Snot
Omir Santos A Minor Toss
Omir Santos Moon Stairs
Brian Schneider Nicer Rabid Hens
Brian Schneider Bare Nicer Hinds
Fernando Tatis Friend To Satan
Andy Green Angry Need
Emil Brown I Blew Norm
Emil Brown Blow Miner
Fernando Martinez Dozen Fireman Rant
Fernando Martinez Rodent Arm Fanzine
Marlon Anderson Nonrandom Laser
Marlon Anderson Loner Or Sandman
Pedro Feliciano Noodle Pacifier
Pedro Feliciano Pacified, No Role
Nelson Figueroa Oleaginous Fern
Ramon Castro Mars Cartoon
Ramon Castro Carrot Mason
Ramon Castro Roman Actors
Ramon Castro Maroon Carts
Ramon Castro Costar Ramon