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ROY Applesauce - Hanson dominates Mets, Feliciano wants more, Cliff Lee shutout

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Meet the Mets

Jon Niese is ready to begin rehabbing his bum knee. But, the real story in this article is the picture. It looks like he was dressed by JJ Putz.

Fox Sports' Dayne Perry finally talks some sense in the MSM about breaking up the Mets.

There appears to be a small movement building for the acquisition of Carlos Zambrano from the Cubs. Mike Silva urges caution, for what that's worth.

Pedro Feliciano is hoping to break the Mets' record for appearance and get a new deal with the club.

Around the NL East

While the Mets were getting dominated by the division's newest young arm, the Phillies were riding the division's newest somewhat old arm (Cliff Lee) to a shutout of the Nationals.

The Nationals' Jesus Flores is visiting Dr. Andrews. That's never good news.

Josh Johnson won't be a cheap sign for the Marlins.

Around MLB

Trey Hillman is one of the best baseball men in a generation. And Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever met in my life.

Curtis Granderson is reverting to the mean.

Magglio Ordonez's at bat last night triggered an $18 million 2010 salary. That must be nice.

Mike Hampton will miss all of 2010. I'm not really sure that qualifies as news at this point though.

Last night's home plate umpire for the Yankees-Blue Jays game called out Jorge Posada for a cheap shot.