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16 Games Left Applesauce - Reyes and Delgado likely done, more Nick Evans, 2010 schedule, 1969 Hoax

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There's no need to knock Daniel Murphy at this point. It should be clear by now that he's a utility player for a good team and we can't get too angry when he botches a play here and there. The thing that I don't get, however, is the news that the Mets are thinking of making Ike Davis, by all reports a smooth fielding first baseman, an outfielder because he has a strong throwing arm. First base is looking to be a gaping hole in 2010 and beyond for the Mets. Why would they move an in-house solution to the outfield where they are already crowded with platoon players?

Meet the Mets

Let's start off with injury news: Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado will most likely not return to action this season.

Ted Berg cites Sam Page and urges more Nick Evans.

Jeff Francoeur says that Tommy Hanson will "look good in [Yankees] pinstripes in six years." Looks like we've found the real Metsradamus.

More Hardball has fun with Photoshop at the Mets' expense.

In the same spirit, Jon Lewin asks if the 1969 World Series run was a hoax like the moon landing.

In case you can't wait to start thinking about next year, MLB has released the preliminary schedule. Mets open at home against the Marlins on April 5.

Around the NL East

AA favorite Javier Vazquez made public his desire to remain with Atlanta during the offseason. Bobby Cox, however, has remained unusually quiet about next year.

The Nationals followed up getting shut out by scoring 1 run against the Phillies. Well done. How will the Mets ever land Bryce Harper with this type of competition?

Philly reliever Chan Ho Park is out indefinitely with a hamstirng injury.

Around MLB

Beyond the Box Score released some pretty graphs about players.

Tommy Lasorda is going to be featured at the National Portrait Gallery. Why?

Carl Crawford screamed at Pat Burrell in the clubhouse yesterday, just the latest in people getting mad at Pat Burrell.

The Astros have shut down Roy Oswalt with back problems. Omar, are you paying attention to this?

Mike Hampton: a story of what might have been.