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Castillo Applesauce - Met minor league awards, Parnell back to bullpen, bring back Valdez

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15 games left.

Meet the Mets

Bobby Parnell's time in the starting rotation has come to a not so dignified end.

Ike Davis and Jeurys Familia earned the Met organization's Sterling Awards for Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year respectively.

It's never a good sign when Luis Castillo is one of your team's top MVP choices.

Mets Police finds some more outrage with Met colors. At this point, really, why should we care? Get me a first baseman and you can paint your model cars whatever color you want.

Mets Geek argues that Wilson Valdez is probably worth keeping around as your defensive infield specialist. They also say that John Maine is looking eerily like Kris Benson.

Around the NL East

The Phillies swept the Nationals.

Pedro Martinez was gardening for his mother in the Dominican Republic prior to the Phillies call.

Braves reliever Mike Gonzalez has been having some back issues.

Around MLB

Brian Fuentes is leading the league in saves. And he might lose his job.

Franklin Gutierrez has been really good for the Mariners.

Kansas City has signed first round pick pitcher Aaron Crow. Crow was initially drafted by the Nationals last year, but failed to reach an agreement with Washington.

Billy Wagner lost his first game for Boston.

Aaron Harang has bought the Reds clubhouse attendants a shiny new golf cart. Another strange Reds story, Jonny Gomes reenacted a Seinfeld episode and hit a home run for beat writer Hal McCoy.

Mike Carp gets ice cream in the face after his first major league home run.

I'm a little slow on this story: the Tigers saluted Ernie Harwell at Comerica Park.

The blogosphere has been active in debunking Ken Rosenthal. Another here.