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Really Late Applesauce - Successful surgeries, Wright's helmet, exciting Met prospects, Carp promoted

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Sorry for the delay everyone. Classes and sleeping late 15 minutes can really mess with a man's Applesauce. Anyway, still no Thole sighting. Let's hope for something different tonight.

Meet the Mets

The surgeries for Johan Santana and Oliver Perez were both successful. I still don't know what that means.

Adam Rubin demonstrates his scouting ability with a report on Josh Thole.

I feel terrible David Wright. He will never be a leader with grission in this helmet.

John Maine's return to the Mets could actually happen this month.

Baseball Prospectus's Kevin Goldstein praised Jeurys Familia, Reese Havens, and Josh Thole.

Mike Silva thinks the Mets should be keeping tabs on Dave Duncan.

An analrapist analyzes the Mets, kind of.

Around the NL East

Cole Hamels flashed some brilliance in yesterday's complete game two-hitter against the Giants.

Tim Hudson returned to action for the Braves and Atlanta beat the Marlins.

The Nationals have now lost five straight, losing 4-1 to the Padres.

Washington Post columnist John Feinstein urges Stephen Strasburg to get used to the media

Around MLB

Kevin Mulvey is on the move again as he was the player to be named later in Minnesota's deal to acquire Jon Rauch.

Speaking of former Met farmhands, the Mariners have promoted Mike Carp and Jason Vargas to the big leagues.

Let's hope that the Mets land as good a player to be named later as the Rays did for Kazmir.

Kendry Morales for MVP?

It's time for Griffey to hang up the spikes.

Can Kate Hudson make an honest man out of A-Rod?