Dr. House and the Mets: Joseph (Pilot episode)

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(Massive Heart Attack teardrop)

Dr. Gregory Zaun House on the phone: Yes, thank you.

(People enter the room)

Dr. Omar Foreman: We have a case.

Dr. WFAN Chase: This is boring. There is nothing to diagnose, the guy is just tired. Let's give him a cortisone shot and discharge him.

Dr. Cameron: Who were you talking on the phone?

House: Mom. What's up?

Cameron: Yea, right. The patient is feeling fatigued and has joint pain. He looks hurt. Cuddy told us to take this case.

Chase: See, this is nothing.

House: Then why are you going to be paged in 3, 2, 1 ... 1... 1 ...1 ...

(beep, beep, beep, beep)

House: Foreman, do a full blood work panel and confirm his low level of Vitamin K, and high Complex  B^2. Chase, go to his house and get all sport equipment you can find. Cameron, tell the patient to sign this consent form.

Cameron: This is a baseball card, not a consent form.

Foreman: How ....?

Chase: Why ...?

House: I brought my z-game today. Do you want to stay here Talking Chop or do you want to save the patient?

(some time later)

Foreman: His blood work confirmed what you predicted. Besides, he presented protein ...

House: ... S, Urea, Creatine and Ketamine. Pay attention already!

Chase: This is all I could find. Some bats have japanese letters in them. Our patient is obviously not japanese though.

House: Those are kanji, you idiot.

House: Differential diagnosis?

Foreman: I don't want to do more paperwork.

Chase: Let's break the core ...

House: You're fired.

Cameron: The patient is complaining of low blood pressure. He blames his work for this.

House: Everybody lies. Let's go see the patient.

(patient room)

House: Cameron, lift up your shirt.

Cameron: You want to confirm he can't produce adrenaline, but you don't want to give him meds that might screw the other tests, right?

House: Yea, that explanation works too.

(monitor beeps)

House: He just need elbow surgery.

Cameron: I checked your phone log. Does your mom live in 126th Street and Roosevelt Avenue? You asked for a consult from Dr. Brain Socks PhD DDX RSVP*, didn't you?

Chase: Who is that guy in Spongebob Squarepants pajamas?

House: THAT is our next patient.


*Too busy in the doghouse planning world domination. And curing cancer. And co-writing a paper on string theory with Johan.

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