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12 Games Applesauce - More Met minor league awards, Bostick time, a Lenny Harris reference

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OK guys, at this point you've got a pretty nice protected draft pick lined up. Let's call it a season and just relax the rest of the way? How does that sound? I hear the Shake Shack is pretty good. Get Nick Evans to run out there and grab some food for everyone and enjoy the scenery. No need to compete or anything. Really. It's OK. We'll thank you later.

Meet the Mets

The Mets announced their minor league organizational awards. Among the winners were Josh Thole, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Jesus Feliciano.

Kevin Kernan argues that the Nationals have nowhere to go but up, while the Mets still have a lot of room to fall. I don't know about that. The Mets have clinched fourth place in the division, it seems that they only have one more place they could go.

Mack's Mets takes a crack at a mock draft.

Who was more impressive, Mark Sanchez or John Maine

The Mets don't need to look past Buffalo to find their next left handed set up man.

New York is looking to the fertile territory of Scotland for new baseball talent.

Around the NL East

Former Philly great Lenny Dykstra has been banned from his former gated community.

Cody Ross will meet all the incentive levels in his contract.

Ross Gload is about to pass Lenny Harris for the Marlins' single season pinch hit record. I wonder if that will get as much attention as Derek Jeter's record.

Pedro Martinez has become a new injury concern for the Phillies, who are struggling to put a healthy rotation together. 

Around MLB

Lots of interesting tid bits in this news brief, including the Rays trading either BJ Upton or Carl Crawford and Joe McEwing's rising managerial star.

In politics, President Obama has hinted at his World Series pick: Cardinals vs. Yankees. Also, Republican Curt Schilling's polling numbers are awfully weak in the race to succeed Ted Kennedy.

Jake Peavy made his White Sox debut a winner.

The Cubs have suspended Milton Bradley for the rest of the season for criticizing management. Can you imagine what he would say about Omar? Also, in general, it's a bit dicey when you criticize management's intelligence when they are the ones who brought you in.

Shawon Dunston wants his college money back.