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11 Games Applesauce - Reyes still trying to return, Marquis wants Mets, Aroldis Chapman

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I'm glad we've been all been a part of the Pat Misch experience. Now that that's done, I think it's time to get more pitching.

Meet the Mets

Jose Reyes is still trying to return to the field for 2009. That's just what loser baseball players do. Try really hard to play.

The Mets may get involved in Aroldis Chapman bidding.

Jason Marquis apparently wants to return home to New York.

Around the NL East

That home run for Chipper Jones was his first in a month. Oh, and he's coming back next year too.

What type of pitcher would sign with the Nationals during the off season? Would they consider Chapman as well?

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria talked with the New York Times about his team's new stadium.

Around MLB

The Astros have fired manager Cecil Cooper.

The Players' Association is appealing Milton Bradley's season-ending suspension.

BtB takes a look at the value being produced by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Diamondback Mark Reynolds is two strikeouts short of breaking his own single-season strikeout record. He also has 43 home runs.