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10 Games Applesauce - Mets fire Latin American head, more on Marquis, Keith and the Gottis

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Seriously, Keith Hernandez and the Gottis. Can this year get any weirder?

Meet the Mets

I admittedly jumped the gun on ending the Pat Misch Experience, but not by too much, as it turns out.

D.J. Short encourages the Mets to take a pass on Jason Marquis. Jeff Francoeur, though, disagrees. He can't wait to get Marquis on Le Mets.

Speaking of Francoeur, Howard Megdal talks some sense on New York Baseball Digest.

The Mets have fired Ramon Pena, their top Latin America scout. Fortunately, Adam Rubin does speak Spanish.

As if this season couldn't get worse, we are now faced with a Keith Hernandez-Gotti family connection involving gambling. Wow.

The Met training staff has gotten a reprieve from Jon Niese.

Around the NL East

The Phillies beat up on Josh Johnson in the first half of their doubleheader with the Marlins. But were completely shut down by Anibal Sanchez in the night cap.

Washington got thumped by the Dodgers, 14-2 for their 99th loss.

Around MLB

Kevin Millwood met a performance incentive and will now be under contract for $12 million next year.

After much anticipation, Tommy Lasorda's portrait has been unveiled at the Smithsonian.

The Yankees clinched a spot in the postseason. The Rays were eliminated from contention. Not that a team's record, however, matters in the playoffs.

Zack Greinke won his 15th game, taking a step towards silencing those who say he hasn't crossed the necessary win threshold for the Cy Young.

Jack Curry talks defensive indifference.

Curt Schilling will not seek Ted Kennedy's senate seat.

And, finally, is it actually possible to measure a player's impact on clubhouse chemistry?