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Still 9 Games Applesauce - More on Mets' firing Pena, Nats lose 100th, 3,000 show up in Pittsburgh

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Yesterday was the second to last off-day. How about that. That means the season gets to drag on one additional day at this point. It's kind of sad that I'm more excited about hot stove than actual baseball at this point.

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde weighs in on the Ramon Pena firing; it is indicative of a bad organization when guys like these take the fall. Hyde also provides a prospect resume for Pena.

MetsMerized tries to get AA's blood boiling by advocating for a Bengie Molina signing.

I can't wait to pick up the newest Met version of The Show. On a side note, they haven't had a good MLB game for the XBox in forever.

Around the NL East

Congratulations to the Washington Nationals for making it over the hump. 100 losses! I am certainly inspired.

The Good Phight has a pretty awesome comparison for watching Brad Lidge. It kind of is the way I felt about John Franco most of the time.

Around MLB

The Sporting News has named Albert Pujols the Baseball Player of the Decade.

Jim Rice says that Zack Greinke is OK.

3,000 people showed up in Pittsburgh last night to see the Reds play the Pirates.