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Double the Applesauce - Reyes officially done, where's Evans?, Beltran wants to retire as Met

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So, when I don't write one day, it turns out that there are a lot more links to be included in the next day's post. Wow. There is a lot here. Oh, and by the way, the Mets have lost 90 games this year and there are only five games remaining. New York is 23.5 games behind Philadelphia for first place.

Meet the Mets

The Met rookie hazing occurred over the weekend and I'm still trying to scrub my eyes clean.

David Wright slacked off.

Carlos Beltran wants to spend the rest of his career with the Mets. I would be very happy with that circumstance.

Jose Reyes began running, but will not make it back into the Mets lineup the remainder of the season.

The Mets picked up Rutgers product Jason Egbert from the White Sox waiver wire. Quick grammatical question: would that be White Sox's?

Octavio Dotel has said that he'd like to return to New York, preferably with the Mets.

The Nick Evans watch has reached a critical level. Metstradamus comments. So does Fire Jerry Manuel.

Rob Neyer lists the Mets as the most disappointing team in the Majors.

The New York Times' Jim Luttrell argues that the Mets can get by with Daniel Murphy at first base because they have gotten by with players like John Olerud and Keith Hernandez before.

The Mets did not fare well against the Jets.

More good reasons to fire Jerry. A few more here too.

After watching the Mets organization this year, Mets Today has decided that it needs more Backman.

Around the NL East

You know it's bad when Federal Baseball refers to the Mets as"lowly." By the way, that was Ross Detwiler's first MLB win.

Former Phillies GM Pat Gillick is willing to return to baseball in the right situation.

The Braves have won seven straight games and are now only 2 games back in the wild card standings. Can someone explain to me why on earth this news doesn't upset me anymore? For some reason, I have this weird desire to see the Braves pull this off. If there is a tie, Atlanta gets home field in the one-game playoff.

Bobby Cox's lame duck status hasn't sunk in yet.

The company that owns the Braves has been linked to steroids dealing.

Around MLB

Rangers shortstop Omar Vizquel is going to try bullfighting this offseason.

Zack Greinke shuts up some of the win-mongers, but not with his words.

Carlos Zambrano might retire. He is hilarious.

The Brewers are interested in Rick Peterson as their next pitching coach.

The Astros will look at Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell in their managerial search.

Ichiro was ejected for the first time in his career.

Eddie Guardado will likely retire.

Felix Hernandez is having a really good season. He just got CC Sabathia's endorsement for the Cy Young. Also, this is probably going to mean a huge payday in the near future.

Rich Harden is also going to do pretty well in free agency.

Zach Duke was pulled with 2 outs in the 9th inning of an 11-1 Pirate lead so that he could get a standing ovation from the Pittsburgh crowd