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Brooklyn Beltran Applesauce - Citi dimensions not going anywhere, Met triple plays, Mariano for Cy

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While I didn't want Brian Stokes to suffer any more loss of self esteem, I couldn't help but think of next year's high draft pick. I hate it when my long term realism starts getting in the way of my immediate fanhood.

Meet the Mets

The Mets are apparently standing pat on Citi Field's dimensions. This will have zero effect on the team's future.

Despite not feeling 100%, Carlos Beltran impressed Mike Silva in Brooklyn last night. Again, this makes no sense.

Keith Law says Josh Thole is one of a few call ups to keep your eyes on.

The Daily Stache declares the Jeff Francoeur acquisition the best moment of the season

Buffalo has had a rough season, but unlike the Mets, they had a triple play in their favor. The Bisons also named Nelson Figueroa their most valuable pitcher. argues that handing Daniel Murphy the starting left fielder's job has been bad for his development comparing his progress to Nick Evans'.

Johan Santana has been nominated for baseball's good guy award the Roberto Clemente Award. It makes up for the Cy Young he was robbed of last year.

Around the NL East

Brad Penny made his first Giant start last night and shut down the Phillies for 8 innings, leading to a 4-0 San Francisco victory

I didn't notice this yesterday, but Cole Hamels picked up his first career stolen base.

Brett Myers will likely rejoin Philadelphia this weekend against Houston after pitching a scoreless eighth inning.

Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla exchanged some loud words with each other in the Marlins clubhouse, but still managed to pick up a win against Atlanta.

The Nationals continue to lose games and pitchers. This time Craig Stammen. Washington, however, picked up two solid arms from the Dodgers for Ronnie Belliard.

Around MLB

John Harper says that Zack Greinke hasn't had a lights-out enough season to run past Mariano Rivera for the Cy Young.

The Jake Peavy saga just keeps changing its tune. It now looks like he's done for the season.

Adrian Beltre has decided in favor of a cup

Violating the no-politics rule, here's a story about Curt Schilling eyeing Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

Finally, one of my favorite fails of all time.