Wright Lobby for Better Team (new name court. of firejerrynow)

No, this is not about Dub's magic helmet. This is about Davy starting to get too nice for his own good. It started with his backing down on a perfectly reasonable stance against Mike Francessa's vendetta, which was a transparent scheme to generate ratings based on sensationalism (and if it resulted in the Mets stupidly dumping Wright, all the better for Mike, who would then be able to trash the Mets for a decade--and who doubtless would be leading the chorus ridiculing the Mets for making the move for which he lobbied ferociously).

Here is what David Wright should be saying, and what he hopefully is intimating behind the scenes.

"Mr. Wilpon

To be frank, I am here to offer an ultimatum. I am here demanding that you adjust the dimensions of Citi Field and restructure the management of this team. This is not simple selfishness on my part. I do not claim to be entitled to play in a ballpark tailor-made for me. However, after what I have done for the Mets--which amounts to playing a key role in raising them from their traditional positions as the perennial bottom-feeders of the league--I have earned the right to play in a ballpark that is not for all practical purposes designed to stunt my value and productivity. It is not me being selfish, but you who are being unbelievably callous in devastating your premiere player for the sake of pursuing a fetish of a scrappy team built on pitching and "speed". It is not only callous, but absurdly stupid, since speed is a highly fetishistic baseball fixation held by those who hang on to bogus fantasies of "baseball the way it was meant to be played and used to be played", and since we are weak on pitching outside of Santana, who is in his decline phase regardless.

Furthermore, I also have the right, not as a superstar, but as a player, to play under an organization that at least gives me a fighting chance at a championship, not one that will almost certainly doom me to the fate of the great player who never won, and who will unjustly gain the reputation as a compiler who just didn't have what it takes to win, a reputation that will be propagated by a mentally deficient New York baseball media.

For this reason, I demand that you restructure this organization, starting from the top and replace Minaya and Manuel with managers who know what they are doing. To be frank Mr. Wilpon, neither of these people is remotely suited to run a baseball team in their respective capacities. They are each laughing stocks of the league and as soon as Ed Wade is inevitably fired, will take their place as amongst the three worst people at their respective jobs. Manuel is currently the worst manager in baseball. Only Dusty and Ozzie come close, and Dusty has the edge in that he does not bizarrely and arbitrarily humiliate his players.

As for the ultimatum, I will simply demand a trade unless you accede to the aforementioned conditions.

If you want to ask who am I to make such an ultimatum, I will respond in two ways. I am the man who played the largest role in making the New York Mets relevant again. I along with my good friend and colleague Jose Reyes, gave the Mets hope again. And furthermore, Reyes, Beltran and Santana are with me 100% and will also demand to be traded unless these conditions are met. This will be no skin off my back. I along with the rest of the premiere players of the Mets have been subject to grotesque calumnies from all corners in New York, amidst the unfathomably stupid allegation that the Mets' failures lay at the feet of their best players, including one who OPSed a like a billion in September of 2007. Do you think I would have the slightest qualm about going to a team where I am appreciated rather than slandered, whose management is competent rather than futile, and whose ownership cares about winning rather than pyramid chasing?

And also, in light of the fact that Minaya has not been able to build a long-term contender despite inheriting two of the best players in baseball in the prime of their careers, are you willing to go all in on Minaya being able to build one from scratch after those players have decided that they have finally had enough? You must know that you run the risk of returning to perennial mediocrity. How would that fare for your pocketbook? (I have your attention now don't I?) How much fun would it be to root for the LA Dodgers when the team you happen to own is making a fraction of its earning potential or perhaps losing money? There's a bad economy out there Wilpon, and I don't think even Bloomberg would risk the backlash of giving you another billion dollar gift in these times.

So what will it be? This must be tough on that ego of yours (especially yours Fred, we know how proud you are of getting daddy's money). But it's your ego or your wallet. Ball's in your court. How long can you keep them in the air?"

And by the way, Jack D. Ripper is behind me 100% as well, and he would have no problem switching allegiances to the teams that get Wright, Reyes and Beltran. He's done it before. He's not exactly the most stable guy either, so I woudn't be quick to piss him off much more.

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