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Thole/Misch Applesauce - Wright back to regular helmet, Koosman to prison, Pedro beats Lincecum

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I couldn't choose which player to highlight, so I'll give them both the recognition. Misch and Thole what a killer battery. Now we all need to send Jerry some e-mails insisting on Thole starting the rest of the way. 

Meet the Mets

David Wright's experiment with the new-style helmet has ended. He says he passed on it because of a poor fit. That can't be good advertising for Rawlings.

Jerry Koosman's reign of tax-evading terror has finally come to an end. The ex-Met pitcher has been sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Ted Berg hammers home the Mets' inability to find value.

In a small sample, Gary Cohen ranks near the middle of play-by-play announcers in spoken words per minute. That actually surprises me because he likes to describe everything.

Mets Geek plans a memorial brick for fellow Geek David Simons. Go contribute to the cause!

Metswalkoffs doesn't want to talk about Met baseball. Instead he'll tell an awesome story about his fly.

Around the NL East

Pedro Martinez topped Tim Lincecum. Ugh. I can't believe I had to type that sentence. All I can say is good for Pedro.

The Braves fell to the Marlins despite Peter Moylan's rally head.

Hanley Ramirez's getting called by teammates is apparently not an isolated occurrence

Somehow Shane Victorino wearing the new helmet is going to be endearing and gritty.

Around MLB

Former Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell has announced that he has incurable cancer. 

The Pirates are two losses away from their professional sports record of 17 consecutive losing seasons.

Paul Catalano says that Mariano Rivera deserves the Cy Young, and it's outrageous to not consider him. Back in reality, Greinke deserves it.  Who cares how good or bad his team is?