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Place Your Bids: The Citi Field Silent Auction

Before taking my seat in the Pepsi Porch for Friday night's Mets-Cubs game, I stopped by the game-used equipment silent auction, located at the top of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda escalators. The best items must have been won earlier this season, because these were some of the gems still available (with minimum opening bid listed):

  • Ramon Castro equipment bag: $300
  • Game used 2nd base from August 8, 2008, innings 4-6: $400
  • Gustavo Molina garment bag: $150
  • Sandy Alomar jersey, worn August 2, 2009: $150
  • Alex Cora pants, worn July 28, 2009: $75
  • A rack of jerseys worn by various players during spring training, which weren't up for auction but could be purchased for $50-$200.  Some of the players: Matt DeSalvo, Ron Villone, Rob Mackowiak, Matt Wise, Tony Armas, Chris Aguila, Willie Collazo, and Ambiorix Burgos (yikes).

The only item with a somewhat reasonable minimum opening bid was an Angel Pagan batting helmet for $100. Although tempted to bust out the Amazin' Avenue AMEX card*, I resisted and left the game empty handed. 

* Note - does not exist.