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Jayson Stark Applesauce - Mets should trade best player, Beltran ready, Murphy not the answer

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Poor Tobi Stoner. He gets to go from one terrible New York team to another. With a name like that, he deserves significantly better.

Meet the Mets

Jayson Stark suggested that the Mets trade either Carlos Beltran or Jose Reyes to get grittier players. Of course, there was a great response on this blog. As well as by others (Toby Hyde)

ESPN's better baseball writer, Rob Neyer, takes on the assumption that Daniel Murphy will be an adequate first baseman in 2010.

Looks like Gary Sheffield and Carlos Delgado are done for the year. No surprises there.

Carlos Beltran is set to return.

The Billy Wagner trade has reportedly been completed with the Mets acquiring a .222 first baseman currently in Rookie ball.

On a side note, Beatles Rock Band looks awesome.

Mike Silva presents a reasonably fair list of intriguing players for 2010 (of course including Omir).

Around the NL East

Congratulations to Hanley Ramirez who hit his 100th career home run yesterday.

The Astros swept a four game series with the Phillies. That's nice. Charlie Manuel was grumpy.

JA Happ was forced to miss his start yesterday. He was replaced by Jamie Moyer.

The Nationals are thinking of moving Christian Guzman to second base next year. Does anybody know why he's still even in Washington?

Around MLB

Mark Buehrle finally picks up his first win after perfection.

The Yankees swept Tampa, but Derek Jeter is still 3 hits away from being the club's Pete Rose.

Prince Fielder ruffled some feathers by starting an earthquake.

Beyond the Box Score makes an irrefutable argument about the AL MVP.