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Maine Applesauce - Maine returns to Mets, Matt Holliday is the answer, Cole Hamels' advertising

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Sorry again for the tardiness. Still trying to catch up with  my life after a hectic weekend. Anyway, I asked the question in the comments yesterday, but would like more feedback. How much Applesauce would you like during the offseason?

Meet the Mets

Congratulations to Josh Thole for the first of what I hope is many more RBIs. During the game, the Mets tried a silent broadcast booth for an inning. I didn't see it, so any thoughts? Carlos Beltran nearly hit a grand slam.

Ted Berg weighs in on Jayson Stark's suggestions. I think it's fair to say that Berg wins. Speaking of ESPN, check out Peter Gammons' old mustache.

John Maine will make a start on Sunday night against Philadelphia.

Mets Merized says that we should stop caring what other teams think about the Mets' showboating.

There will be some version of Met playoff baseball this year. It just happens to be in Brooklyn.

Joe DeMayo suggests the free agent route with Matt Holliday.

Around the NL East

Charlie Manuel pulled Brad Lidge in the 9th and the Phillies hit five solo home runs to beat the Nationals.

Javier Vazquez was sharp as the Braves beat the Astros.

Cole Hamels needs a new agent.

Around MLB

Some new evidence about Shoeless Joe Jackson and Eight Men Out shows that all the players may have been innocent of the charges.

It's hard to be a rookie in this game.