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Hi-Res Mets Images Needed

I know there are a lot of amateur, semi-professional, and professional photographers out there who have taken some great shots of the Mets over the past few years, and we're calling on you to help us out (if you know someone who has taken some great photos of the Mets that would work, too). Ideally, we're looking for action shots (batter's box stance, mid-swing, post-swing, sliding into base, diving/sliding/jumping catch, pitching) of any of the following players:

  • Carlos Beltran
  • David Wright
  • Jose Reyes
  • Johan Santana
  • Mike Pelfrey

If you have a great Mets-themed (or Citi Field-themed) photo that isn't of one of these players we'd probably like to see that, too. The photos are for the double-secret Amazin' Avenue project I mentioned a few weeks ago. I promise I'll have more information on that soon.

Some requirements.

  1. Photo must be owned by you, and you must be willing (and able) to license it for use. Full photo credit will be provided, of course.
  2. Photo should be hi-res (at least 1024x768, preferably larger than that).
  3. Photo should be crystal clear (not blurry). I can't stress this enough.
  4. Interesting angles are fine; they don't all have to be straight-on or profile shots.
  5. Photo will preferably feature the Mets' home uniforms, but we will consider great road shots, too.

If you have one or more photos that meet the above criteria drop me a line at along with either links to the images in question (on Flickr, e.g.) or with the actual images attached. If one of your images is a fit for what we're looking for I'll get back to you with those details and we'll take it from there.