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Jay Feely Applesauce - Olerud's HOF case, Met managers, Chapman a Red

Bring on the Chargers. Oh yeah, and there's some baseball stuff too. A lot in fact.

Meet the Mets

A lot of scattered Met stories, so I'll start with the ones about our shiny new toy. Patrick Flood is coming around on the idea of Jason Bay in left field. While the Onion throws some cold water on our enthusiasm.

Will Davidian takes on what's left to do this offseason for Omar.

David Wright admits that he was rarely comfortable in the batter's box last season, but offers no excuses.

Toby Hyde takes a look at BABIP across the professional baseball landscape.

Jack Moore goes one further than James and says that John Olerud IS worthy of the Hall of Fame.

Gary, Keith, and Ron have selected East Harlem's The Nourishing Kitchen as this year's charity of choice.

The Mets have re-signed Andy Green. I really hope that this story never becomes relevant.

Metsradamus highlights some of the Met managers featured in Evaluating Baseball Managers.

Around the NL East

The Marlins are back to playing in plain old Dolphin Stadium

Washington is showing interest in bringing in super defensive outfielder Randy Winn.

It has been a while since I've actually paid attention to hating the Braves. This song is actually not terrible and made me smile a bit about how great that rivalry was.

Around MLB

Aroldis Chapman has moved from Communist Cuba to the Reds. Go figure. The most important thing about this, though, is that it makes Scott Boras look bad.

A World Series and a marriage in one year. Not bad, Jeter.

The Pirates are close to signing Ryan Church. Poor Ryan.

The Yankees are taking a long look at Jerry Hairston. That would be a pretty savvy pickup.

Now that Vladimir is off the market, what does that mean for Jermaine Dye's free agency?

The Cubs are talking with San Diego about acquiring Heath Bell. Carlos Marmol would again be relegated to setup duty.

Contract negotiations between Felix Hernandez and Seattle are picking up.

San Francisco continues to pick up old veterans. This time Aubrey Huff.