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Mark McGwire Applesauce - McGwire admits steroid use, Mets discussing numbers with Pineiro, Blue Jays in on Delgado

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Meet the Mets

The Mets are in on the Joel Pineiro chase with a very reasonable number of 2 years, $15 million. If that is the case, then they definitely need to take a look at second base.

Argenis Reyes has signed with the Dodgers. He'll probably become the next Marco Scutaro.

The Mets and Orioles aren't alone in showing some interest in Carlos Delgado. Delgado's original team, the Blue Jays, are scouting him as well.

Ryan Church will be playing alongside Lastings Milledge in Pittsburgh.

Mark McGwire News

Bob Costas sat down with Steve Trachsel soon after his talk with McGwire.

Greg Prince wishes that McGwire never had played against the Mets

Walkoff Walk grades everything associated with the Costas interview.

I don't really know why Hank Aaron is forgiving Mark McGwire. Last I checked, it was Barry Bonds who broke Hank's record.

McGwire apparently  sought immunity prior to his 2005 steroid hearing non-testimony, but was denied.

Andrew Sullivan wonders why Americans aren't more obsessed with steroid use among NFL players.

Brent Mayne believes that there's a link between athletes with their shirts off and steroid use. I'm convinced.

And, finally, McGwire believes that Albert Pujols will be the greatest player of all time.

Around MLB

Greg Maddux has joined the Cubs front office as an assistant to GM Jim Hendry.

Will Jacoby Ellsbury be upset that he's been "demoted" to left field?

The Pirates have signed a former Army mental health expert to improve their mental toughness. Two Pittsburgh stories in one Applesauce. Wow. This sounds like the epitome of adding grission.

Well, that Derek Jeter rumor was most likely untrue. Thanks again, New York Post.