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Delinquent Applesauce - Mets late on payments to St. Lucie, Molina rumors heating up, Marlins are cheap

Meet the Mets

Not too much surrounding the Mets this morning, besides the inevitable Bengie Molina rumors.

The Mets are ticking off St. Lucie County about delinquent payments for Tradition Field.

Jim Callis gives the Mets the worst grade in the NL East for their drafting since 2005. That's not really a big surprise.

Around the NL East

The Players Association is upset with the Marlins and their unwillingness to spend on player salaries. The union claims that Florida's actions violate the collective bargaining agreement.

Do the Phillies need statistical analysis

Around MLB

There's some deadball era footage up on youtube with some Natural-esque music behind it. Good stuff.

Sky Andrecheck analyzes the Hall of Fame voters' various biases. You're telling me walks are undervalued by the voters???

Walt Jocketty used Dusty Baker's ability to speak Spanish as a lure for Aroldis Chapman. Unfortunately for Chapman, he did not mention anything about Mark Prior or Kerry Wood.

Ramon Castro is back with the White Sox for another year.

Royals Review has figured out Dayton Moore's system for fixing the Royals.

More Mark McGwire Stuff

Jose Canseco insists that McGwire is still holding stuff back. At this point, it's hard to point to any public figure with more credibility than Canseco. Not sure if that's a good thing.

Brent Mayne thinks that there is a psychological edge to be gained from steroids as well as a physical one.

Graham at Lookout Landing says that he's not mad at Mark McGwire because the whole league was juicing. Tie Dyed at Met Merized says this generation of baseball players has robbed us of legends.

Totally Random Baseball Link

Larry Granillo figured out Charlie Brown's baseball results. Larry probably had way too much time on his hands, but I still love this.