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Dr. Steadman Applesauce - Beltran goes to pioneering doc on own, Mets management upset, SpongeTech problems

Meet the Mets

Apparently, 2009 has decided to stick around for a few more weeks and while sitting around it claimed the Mets center fielder. There are a lot of reactions to the story, so, here goes.

Joel Sherman says that this is just a continuation of the terrible front office and medical staff work from last  year.

Matthew Falkenbury says that we should actually be happy that Beltran is finally getting the surgery done by a pro.

Toby Hyde says that Beltran probably did what was best for his career, but should have told the Mets anyway.

Ted Berg writes that it's time to call Endy.

Patrick Flood is happy that the Mets' expectations have suddenly come crashing down. He can now go out and enjoy the season.

In other news. The Met pitchers are either buying into the Molina mystique or they are just good PR men.

Shockingly, SpongeTech is bouncing checks to the Mets.

Toronto is not interested in Carlos Delgado and Ed Price says he can't play first base. I'm not sure I'm buying Price's analysis quite yet. Delgado surely hasn't played enough winter ball to determine for sure whether or not he can cut it at first base.

Around MLB

The Marlins have managed to grow in value during the recession

Seattle has reached a final impasse with Russell Branyan and the two parties are ready to part ways.

The Dodgers are talking with Braden Looper for their starting rotation.

Rob Neyer calls the Ryan Church signing a "big win" for Pittsburgh because they can turn him around and trade him at the trading deadline.

And the Jeter getting married is Sharlee, not Derek.