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Fan Vote of Confidence: Boras or Mets

Well, everyone guessed Scott Boras would somehow end up in the middle of this fiasco, and I must say this is fantastic:

Boras said he was in Colorado with Beltran on Tuesday, left at 4:30 p.m. to fly back to California, and never heard from the Mets again until Wednesday morning, when they asked that Beltran get a third opinion before any surgery. By then, the surgery had already started.

Boras cited a letter from Steadman in which the physician said he had consulted with Altchek about the surgery and had been given approval and that he had also received necessary paperwork and approval from the Mets trainer Ray Ramirez to facilitate payment for the operation.

"Dr. Altchek verbally agreed with my assessment, along with the treatment options of doing an arthroscopic procedure on Mr. Beltran’s right knee," Boras said, reading from the letter from Steadman. "Dr. Altchek then informed me he would inform the Mets’ organization of his approval for me to perform the surgery."

And for good measure:

"It is unfathomable to me that Dr. Altchek or Ray Ramirez did not report to the Mets on Tuesday that Carlos Beltran was having surgery," Boras told the Post.

So, Boras claims the Mets entire medical staff signed off on the diagnosis, the surgery, and the payment of the surgery. Then, while Beltran was physically in surgery, Wednesday morning, the Mets supposedly called Boras to stop the procedure.

Ricco claims the Mets spoke to Boras the night before and told him to postpone the operation.

And yet, for some reason; despite potentially alienating the biggest player-agent in baseball, a face of their franchise, and the rest of the team, the Mets decided to make this feud public, complete with a press conference to have Omar Minaya's public speaking surrogate wag his finger in disapproval. Who do they expect to side with them here? The media they publicly insulted during the Tony Bernazard firing? The fans who wanted them all fired last season?

And so I ask you: