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More Beltran Applesauce - Met chaos, Brooklyn logo, Josh Johnson extension, Tatis possibly to Seattle

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Meet the Mets

All kinds of fallout from the Carlos Beltran fiasco. Anthony McCarron speculates that the Mets will stand pat on outfielders and patch the rest of the team up. Adam LaRoche would certainly have been a nice way to upgrade the rest of the team.

John Harper actually writes a coherent column that speculates that the Mets clearly do not trust Omar. Of course he also writes that Omar's syntax makes him a bad public figure.

Metsradamus piles on the Met front office

Greg Prince writes that this fiasco is more entertaining than the Jay and Conan civil war. And it could still get uglier. David Wright wondered aloud yesterday why Beltran didn't just follow orders. What a good company man.

OK. That's enough for the moment about Beltran. Let's try and look back to some happier days. Thank you Ted Berg.

The Cyclones have designed a new logo. It is reminiscent of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I can't wait to read Mets Police's 20 post series in response to the lack of Met history.

Around the NL East

Still licking their wounds from the Players' Union rebuke, the Florida Marlins have given Josh Johnson a four year extension. This, however, does not signal a change in the team's philosophy.

Florida's new stadium will likely also be a multipurpose wonder.

Carlos Beltran's isn't the only knee that will be getting work done. Brad Lidge is going under the knife. He is expected back by opening day and there is no controversy. That's too bad.

Shane Victorino, clothing designer. Put me down for a dozen.

Bill Baer explains why he doesn't actually hate Brett Myers. I can actually kind of understand this.

Atlanta pitcher Tom Glavine just can't sign those official retirement papers and join the Brave front office.

The Braves have given new outfielder Melky Cabrera a $3.1 million contract.

Around MLB

I continue to be incredibly envious of Seattle's offseason. Adding Tatis would only make it worse.

Ben Sheets is going to throw in front of some scouts and the like on Tuesday.

Jeff Zimmerman explains how John Schuerholz's book guides the Royals. Plus, there are some amazingly creepy Photoshop works.

Jose Valverde lands with Detroit for more than the city's GDP.

Steve Phillips will still be featured in the latest MLB vide game. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about Beltran.

Joe Torre talked with the LA Times about Manny Ramirez and his future with the Dodger organization.

Octavio Dotel is likely Pittsburgh-bound.