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Shonn Greene Applesauce - Mets avoid arbitration with Maine, Minaya and Beltran hug it out, Mets will check out Sheets

Wow. Early on in the Jet season I was saying how nice of a contrast they were to the Mets. That sentiment didn't last the entire season, but it sure is back now.

Meet the Mets

The Mets have avoided arbitration with John Maine who is trying to come back from an injury plagued 2009. The damage: 1 year, $3.3 million.

Michael McCann answers a bunch of frequently asked legal questions on Carlos Beltran's knee fiasco.

More on Beltran: Minaya and Beltran spoke on the phone and apparently cleared up a lot. Nevertheless, Minaya admitted that the whole process leading up to this was problematic.

I'm just glad that at least the Jets have the one really good Shonn Greene in New York.

The Mets will be observing Ben Sheets' throwing session.

In case you wanted to get in touch with Michael Baron, have at it.

Rob Neyer thankfully lists the Mets as a place where Johnny Damon is not likely to end up.

Patrick Flood has put his baseball fandom up on Craig's List.

And, finally, Mets Police has taken my line about the Brooklyn logo as a challenge. The only problem is, they actually like the logo. Oh well.

Around MLB

Mark McGwire made his first public appearance in St. Louis to a crowd roaring approval.

Former Met (unfortunately) Jose Offerman punched an umpire in a winter league game in the Dominican Republic.

Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo is starting to leave his mark on the Washington roster.

How did all the Type A free agents fare during the off-season? Who all is left over to play first base? Why am I phrasing all these links as questions?

The Cubs are planning to make over Wrigley Field on its 100th birthday

The A's have acquired third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff from the Padres, meaning that Dallas McPherson is blocked once again.

San Francisco has shown strong interest in Kiko Calero

Milton Bradley fled Chicago without paying the rent due on his condominium and is being sued for $44,000.

And, finally, in honor of Conan O'Brien, here's old time baseball.